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Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Air Conditioners are mechanical items and, much like your car, require regular maintenance to ensure efficient, trouble free operation. Our team of qualified & experienced technicians are not just equipped to repair your air conditioner, they are also specialists in maintaining both domestic home air conditioning system and commercial installations.

Our service demographic is expansive and extends from as far north as Caboolture, south to Gold Coast & surrounding areas, east to Redlands region and as far inland as Ipswich.


Dirty filters & coils not only affect the performance & running costs of your air conditioning system, they can also affect the air you breath leading to coughs, colds and what is known as ‘Sick building syndrome’.

Homedeal Air Conditioning offer a range of commercial & domestic air conditioning maintenance services. Commercial air conditioning maintenance is handled through a consultation service by contacting us and standard domestic maintenance service can be found on our Service Fees & Charges page.

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