Why is it important to have my Air Conditioner Serviced?

Importance of Air Conditioning Service

Much like a car an air conditioning system has many moving mechanical parts and electrical components. Air conditioners run through some of the most extreme climates and can fail when we need them most if not properly cared for.

One of the single most important air conditioning service items the air conditioner filter is something you can simply clean yourself, we recommend approximately every season. There are still a number of items that should only be serviced by a qualified air conditioning service technician, which include;

  • Drain flush
  • Tighten of electrical
  • Refrigerant check

Ducted air conditioning reliability & performance is even more reliant on regular servicing given the additional parts involved and generally a more complex construction. Additional items checked on a ducted air conditioner installation are;

  • Zone motors / motorised dampers
  • Ductwork inspection & ducting repairs if required
  • Balance of air flows throughout the home or business

Homedeal Air Conditioning Brisbane offer a range of air conditioning service & repair options to keep your split system or ducted air conditioner running efficiently & trouble free all year round. Don’t get stuck next Winter or Summer without comfort, remember to have your air conditioning serviced yearly or as per your technicians advise.