Why is Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance Necessary?

Why is Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance Necessary?

Have you scheduled annual maintenance for your AC system? It is necessary for you to plan yearly maintenance to keep your AC unit running all season without unexpected outages. With proper care, you can achieve excellent efficiency. The air conditioning unit is made up of mechanical equipment and needs repairs often as time passes. 

Forest Lake is an outer south-western suburb of the City of Brisbane, the weather is hot and humid in summer, and life here without air conditioning is tough! If you want your air conditioning to run efficiently then you need to look for a technician at Air Conditioning Forest Lake. They analyze the issue and prevent a midseason outage. Therefore, there is an annual maintenance requirement.

Why is air conditioning maintenance important?

The air conditioning enhances the level of comfort in the interior. It has relatively expensive components where regular maintenance is required to avoid costly repairs, maximizes energy efficiency and allows you to save money on utility bills. Air Conditioning Forest Lake technicians help minimize the impact of repairs and help keep your unit running more efficiently. 

  1.  Get ahead in the summer:
    Getting a tune-up is necessary to prepare the air conditioner for the summer. Throughout the winter, your HVAC unit may experience slight deterioration in its effectiveness. Plan to maintain your air conditioning unit before the beginning of the summer. You can reduce the breakdown and help your air conditioner perform at its best.
  2. Repairing is more expensive than maintaining:
    Regular maintenance helps you to tune up your system and helps to avoid break down. If you don’t maintain your AC unit, it might lead to costly repairs or simply buying a new one.  It is worth having regular annual maintenance, where it is cheaper than repairs.
    It is preferable to take care of your air conditioning system. Check and maintain your unit frequently to ensure that no failures occur. If you have tuned up your AC unit, almost half of the repairs will be avoided. 
  3. Regular maintenance covers warranty:
    Many air conditioner brands have a warranty which guarantees that the device is taken care of. Some of these warranties require scheduled services in order to validate the warranty. 
  4. It increases the lifespan of your air conditioner unit:
    Preventive and maintenance measures make sense to extend the service life of your air conditioner. It helps you to mitigate problems before they need expensive repairs. Thereby, you can keep your AC in top-notch condition. If you neglect regular maintenance, it may do more damage than you think and leads to expensive repairs.
  5. Regular tune-ups help to maintain efficiency:
    There are plenty of issues that contribute to decreasing efficiency of an AC. Annual tune-ups are essential to keep your AC at its best efficiency.

Maintain task you can do yourself:

Preventative maintenance is essential before each season; it helps prolong the life of your HVAC unit. 

  • Clean the air filter every month, if necessary. Some units come with the advanced features if the filter is clogged and blocking airflow the indicator light helps you to know.
  • Remove the outside unit debris.
  • Clean your outdoor unit if you see dirt starting to build upon it.
  • Place your outdoor unit at least inches away from the trees and plants

You should leave to the professional:

The entire AC servicing can’t be done on your own. It requires special skills, knowledge and tools that only experienced technologists can provide. 

See below some points you can expect from the professional when maintaining your AC unit on an annual basis.

Check the thermostat: The technician ensures that the thermostat is functioning correctly. If you have a defective thermostat, the professional will advise you to choose the programmable thermostat and install it on site.

Tighten electrical connections: Loose connections are hazardous; they make the device difficult to work with and shorten the equipment’s life. The technician measures power and voltage and they can get an electrician to adjust it.

Inspect condensate drain: When cooling equipment operates over time, sludge or algae may occasionally form in the drain pipe and create a blockage. If used extensively, the equipment may be damaged. A technician carefully checks the condensate flow and ensures that it flows correctly.

Verify system controls: Operation, start-up cycle and shutdown sequence must be performed in a special manner. Technicians verify controls and ensure that they operate safely and appropriately.

Clean and adjust the blower: If there is any problem with the blower, it reduces equipment efficiency. Professionals make adjustments to provide adequate airflow and comfort in the home.

Clean the evaporator and condenser coil: Coils can quickly get dirty and reduce equipment performance and reduce efficiency. Coil cleaning is the portion of maintenance that ensures lower energy bills and extends the equipment’s life.

Check the refrigerant level: The refrigerant is needed to cool your house.

You must make sure there is a sufficient level of refrigerant. Otherwise, technicians will check for leaks and reload the system. As a result, you get quite a cooling off.

Wrapping it up:

Finally, investing in yearly maintenance provides comfort and helps to make the situation as painless as possible. Prolong the life of the system with preventive care.

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Essential Tips for Proper Air Conditioning Installation

Essential Tips for Proper Air Conditioning Installation

A brand new air conditioner can provide great comfort, more energy savings and superior features. But if your air conditioning system is not installed correctly, it will not perform as well as it should. When the summer strikes, you won’t want to worry about your air conditioners performance. Air Conditioning installation in Brisbane will install your brand new air conditioning system according to professional standards. 

When you appoint a specialized air conditioning technician, you secure a flawless service experience and systematic, successful installation of AC. If you don’t hire an expert air conditioning service, you can get into the risk of paying for frequent future repairs.


Tips for Proper Air Conditioner Installation           


To ensure that your air conditioning system works properly and efficiently for years, you need to keep in mind following tips while looking for appropriate AC installation.

Learn Energy Efficiency Ratings

Your qualified HVAC technician can help you to know about the energy efficiency rating of your new system, but generally, you need to find out two things:

  1. The EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) for ducted systems or wall mounted systems
  2. Energy Rating Label (also known as Star Rating) for wall mounted systems only

The EER of your brand new AC represents the energy efficiency of the system and is calculated by dividing the kW output by kW input. The higher the EER rating the more energy efficient the system is as you are getting more output for less input.

The Energy Rating Label, regulated by government, allows you to compare the energy efficiency and running costs of a range of household appliances, including wall mounted air conditioners. Most products are given between 1 and 6 stars, however some appliances can be up to 10 stars. The greater the number of stars the more energy efficient the appliance is.

Consult Your Technician

An undersized AC unit will fail to make your home as cool as you want it and consume more energy trying to do so. An outsized system can have a short cycle and wear down rapidly; that’s why finding a suitable size is an important part of air conditioning installation. Ensure your technician makes a personal visit to your house to measure your room sizes and determine your needs.

Choose an Expert

The only way to be sure that air conditioning installation goes smoothly is to hire a professional. Setting up a new air conditioning system is not a task for the everyday do-it-yourselfer, who does not have the right tools and skills to ensure the whole thing goes right, such as correct refrigerant levels, safe mounts, proper pressure, suitable voltage, etc. Sometimes, technicians called for repair have little experience, which may cost you more than the initial installation. So ensure the company you select has experienced licensed and expert technicians.

Qualities of Professional Air Conditioning Installation Company

Here are the following qualities you should consider while choosing a company for air conditioning and installation in Brisbane:

● They should be fully licensed and certified by the Australian Refrigeration Council. It is your right to inquire about their certification and license. Professional companies will proudly display their certification on their website or advertising materials and will gladly show you at the beginning of your enquiry.

● They provide insurance cover to help reimburse if something goes wrong – it typically doesn’t, but peace of mind is essential.

● They radiate a high level of professionalism and fair consideration of your requirements. If they do not provide agreeable answers to your questions, they may not be a suitable choice.


Type of Air Conditioner Installation You Need


You will have to know what type of system you need and how it should be installed. Before the installation, your air conditioning professional will discuss your needs with you. Almost certainly, they will visit your home or premises, to superiorly recognize your situation.

Residential Air Conditioning

Numerous factors will decide the type of AC you need for your home or office, and your air conditioning & installation experts in Brisbane will consider all of them. Some of these factors comprise local council regulations and guidelines, the type of building (Apartment, single storey, and multiple storeys) and closeness to your neighbours.

Commercial Air Conditioning

The requirements of a commercial air conditioning system differ according to the business. A cafe or restaurant may not have a similar need as an office, showroom, or store. Your air conditioning professional will examine the premises and observe your needs to make sure you get a suitable solution.


Types of Air Conditioning Systems


When you consult your air conditioning expert, you will receive advice about the different systems available in the market to help you make a well-versed decision. AC systems are available in two types:

●     Ducted System- It is an outstanding choice for large or multiple storey buildings where ducts are spread along with the home’s entire ceiling. The most exceptional feature of ducted systems is that you can monitor and control each room’s temperature and even close cooling or warming in rooms that are not in use.

●     Split system- It performs best in smaller spaces and is easy to install. The split system has an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit is fixed high on a wall inside your home while the outdoor unit is positioned on the outer side. You can install a single split system for one room or a multi-split system for serving more than one room.


Hire Experts for Installation and Maintenance


If you want your air conditioner to work efficiently and accurately for years to come, you should prepare its maintenance schedule as soon as your AC installation is completed. Keeping your system maintained will make it practical for longer. A regular maintenance schedule will also reduce your monthly energy bills and prevent repairs.

Are you ready for Air Conditioning Installation in Brisbane? Contact Home Deal Air Conditioning -Heating and Cooling Specialists for consultation, installation, and AC system repair.

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4 reasons why you need to have maintenance on your Air Conditioner

4 reasons why you need to have maintenance on your Air Conditioner

Not many people realise, but air conditioners are not like other appliances you have in your house. Regular appliances like TVs, coffee machines, or telephones don’t need maintenance to ensure they keep working properly, however your air conditioner does, and it needs to be checked regularly, and here are 5 reasons that explain why:

  • Checking the filters: This is perhaps the most important part of the maintenance of an air conditioner, the filters of your system can get dirty with time, so they need to be cleaned and sometimes even replaced to ensure they will not affect the cooling capacity.

A dirty filter can obstruct your system, and cause it to use more energy, especially if you live in a dusty environment or you have pets.

  • Clean the air conditioner coils: The coil of an air conditioner can collect a lot of dirt over the months, even if your filters are clean, the dirt will still accumulate, and this will reduce the airflow in your system and will affect its ability to cool the environment, so if you want to avoid your air conditioning unit from losing its capacity, you need to make sure the coils are cleaned regularly.
  • Unclogging the drains: With time, the drains of your unit can get clogged, this can even affect your walls because the resulting moisture can discolour them, so you need to make sure your technician inspects them and unclog them if necessary.
  • Have a professional do this work: We know, many of these things sound easy to do, and some of them like unclogging a drain can be very easy to do, but there are a lot of other aspects of air conditioner maintenance that need to be carried out by a skilled technician, like measuring the amount of refrigerant, inspecting electric terminals, or check the accuracy of the thermostat, all of these things form part of a maintenance service carried out by qualified tradesman.

If you are worried about the air conditioning maintenance costs, don’t worry, our team at Homedeal can help you at very competitive rates, and take in mind that a dysfunctional air conditioning unit can consume a lot of extra electricity, so having your units checked at least once a year will help you save a lot of money.

Get in touch with the professionals of Homedeal Air Conditioning for Air Conditioning Maintenance in Chapel Hill. Call us on 07 3397 8900 now.


Why Should You Have An Air Conditioner In The Office?

Why Should You Have An Air Conditioner In The Office?

Why Should You Have An Air Conditioner In The Office?

In the summers, all individuals are getting frustrated due to the hot environment. It affects lots of things such as – lifestyle, work efficiency, life-comfort, and so on. If you are running a company or managing an office, then you have to take care of various factors. You need to provide a comfortable environment for the employees by which they can work with maximum effort and deliver the results efficiently.

Here, you can pick the option of ducted air conditioning Brisbane in the office for maintaining a comfortable temperature and environment. It can eliminate heat from your office.

Reasons For Adding An Air Consider In Office

There are several reasons available by which you can figure out how an air conditioning unit is helpful in running an office perfectly. Upcoming points are based on some major reasons.

Maintain Class

You have to maintain the class and style of your office. In case you don’t do that, then it may affect the reputation as well. For avoiding such a negative consequence, you should not forget to add a cooling system. It will be useful in fighting against the intense heat of summers and providing a comfortable environment.

If you focus on the style, then you can see different types of cooling systems in the market. All types of systems are associated with various features and characteristics. You can pick the best one as per your office decoration or style.

Boost Your Productivity

The productivity of a company is based on the employees and how efficiently they are working. An employee can work with his full efficiency only if he/she has a comfortable work environment with suitable surroundings. In summers, heat is going to affect the comfort and decrease the employees’ efficiency.

However, the installation of an air conditioning unit will help you in maintaining a perfect balance. It can replace heat with a cool and comfortable environment. It also encourages the employees to work with full efficiency and deliver high-quality results.

Good Impression On Clients

Everyone tries to leave a good impression on the clients by which they can easily impress them and finalize the deal as per their desires. In case you don’t have an air conditioning unit in the office, and your clients visit, then it leaves a bad impact. They have to face uncomfortable conditions that may decrease the chances of making a deal as well.

With a ducted air conditioning Brisbane unit, you can keep everything perfect and satisfy the clients with your work and hospitality as well. It is also required for growing the business.

Not Only Useful In Summers

To buy an air conditioner, everyone has to spend a big amount of money. Sometimes, people think about why they should spend money on an item that can be useful only for a few months in a year. Mainly the usage depends on the type of air conditioner you choose.

In today’s era of advanced technology, you can find different types of options. With it, you can find some advanced air conditioning units that can be used in both types of weather conditions, summer & winter. These units have a specific heat pump by which you can maintain a warm atmosphere to deal with the cold. It provides a perfect environment for the employees during winters as well.

These are some major reasons that can help you in understanding the importance of air conditioning unique in your office. For all these things, you have to make sure, you are going to buy the quality product only.

Bonus: Buy Quality One Only

In the market, you can find out numerous companies and options for air conditioners. Choosing one can be a daunting task for all individuals. If you are facing similar conditions, then focus on the following facts.

Brand – firstly, you have to make sure, you are going to pick a reputed brand for buying such a product. Having a branded AC will help you in experiencing several benefits and get some additional services as well.

Customer Service – AC is an electronic product, and everyone knows any kind of issues can appear in the electrical equipment. You have to choose the option with good and fast customer service.

Pricing – all companies are offering their products and services at different prices. You should not make a decision by choosing the cheapest or most expensive one. You have to pick the right one by focusing on both aspects of quality and price. With all these three important facts, you should be focused on the testimonials and features of the ducted air conditioning Brisbane unit. It will be highly useful in comparing all available options and avoiding the confusion with ease. For dealing with such a hassle, you can contact us anytime and get a perfect solution with the expert’s assistance.


5 Questions and Answers about air conditioning zone control

5 Questions and Answers about air conditioning zone control

The Air Conditioning industry is progressing at gigantic steps. New advances in technology and research are bringing services that 20 years ago were only available for big industries within reach of almost everyone.

The times where you were lucky to have air conditioning in one or two rooms in your home are in the past, now with advanced ducted systems all your house can be heated or cooled by one single system. But how do you control this system?  Through a zone controller that does all the work.

Here are some frequently asked questions that our customers usually asked us about zone control:

1.  What exactly is a zone control system?
Have you seen The Lords of The Rings? If you have, the words “one ring to rule them all” may come to mind. Well, a zone controller works just like that: it is a special panel that regulates the airflow going through your ductwork, using that panel; you can regulate your comfort over all your “zones”, and even have only one or two “zones” active at specific moments.

2. Hold on a second, what is a “zone”?

A zone can be any environment in your house, a room, a group of rooms, a whole floor, or even a utility room. With the right controls you can set up zones as you wish when you are having your ducted system designed, and after they have been installed you can control the heating and cooling of each of your zones as you wish.

3.  Ok, sounds great, but what is the main benefit of all this?

Well, besides having the power of micro managing the temperature of your home, which is, you know, extremely cool, a ducted air conditioning zone control can also help you save a lot of energy (and money), because this system is far more efficient.

You can set up the zone controller so that the system will only be active in the rooms you are using at specific moments; this represents a lot of energy saving, and therefore, money saving as well.

4. Well, I’ll admit it, this all sounds great, but it’s probably a nightmare to have it installed in my house right?

Not at all! The ducted air conditioning installation is actually far more simpler than it sounds. You just have to contact us and our specialists will help you choose the best system for your house, and they will help you design a zone plan that will satisfy all your needs, and then we will take care of everything! You will only have to sit down and wait while we do all the work.

You will have your system up and running before you know it.

5. I don’t know, I mean, I don’t like to buy services that don’t have big brands behind them.

You don’t have to worry about that, here at Homedeal Air Conditioning, we work with some of the best brands on the air conditioning market, and including the high quality Daikin & Fujitsu General ducted air conditioning, among others.

We know that having this system installed in your home sounds like a very big deal, but believe us, once you have it you won’t be able to live without it.

If you have any question regarding prices and how all this work, don’t be afraid to call us or contact us through one of our social channels. One of our specialists will be happy to help you and guide you through this process.

And remember, you only need one zone controller to rule them all!.