5 things you didn’t know about air conditioning

Air conditioners have become a central part of our daily lives, and like all the inventions that revolutionised technology, they have a lot of funny facts not all  people know about, here are some:

  • The term “air conditioner” was coined in 1906, and it wasn’t invented by a scientist or someone specialised in cooling technology, it was used by a textile manufacturer from the United States to describe how the technology improved his products.
  • The air conditioners as we know them appeared in the market in 1950, and only three years after that, more than one million units were sold.
  • Before the air conditioners existed, governments and many industries took “summer vacations” so that their employees didn’t have to  work during the heat.
  • Air conditioning has done a lot to help the human race, it has allowed a lot of advances in the health industry, and scientific research shows that it has also provoked a decrease in many common diseases associated with a hot weather environment.
  • The very first air conditioning unit that was placed in a house was so big that their owners never actually used it.