4 reasons why you need to have maintenance on your Air Conditioner

Not many people realise, but air conditioners are not like other appliances you have in your house. Regular appliances like TVs, coffee machines, or telephones don’t need maintenance to ensure they keep working properly, however your air conditioner does, and it needs to be checked regularly, and here are 5 reasons that explain why:

  • Checking the filters: This is perhaps the most important part of the maintenance of an air conditioner, the filters of your system can get dirty with time, so they need to be cleaned and sometimes even replaced to ensure they will not affect the cooling capacity.

A dirty filter can obstruct your system, and cause it to use more energy, especially if you live in a dusty environment or you have pets.

  • Clean the air conditioner coils: The coil of an air conditioner can collect a lot of dirt over the months, even if your filters are clean, the dirt will still accumulate, and this will reduce the airflow in your system and will affect its ability to cool the environment, so if you want to avoid your air conditioning unit from losing its capacity, you need to make sure the coils are cleaned regularly.
  • Unclogging the drains: With time, the drains of your unit can get clogged, this can even affect your walls because the resulting moisture can discolour them, so you need to make sure your technician inspects them and unclog them if necessary.
  • Have a professional do this work: We know, many of these things sound easy to do, and some of them like unclogging a drain can be very easy to do, but there are a lot of other aspects of air conditioner maintenance that need to be carried out by a skilled technician, like measuring the amount of refrigerant, inspecting electric terminals, or check the accuracy of the thermostat, all of these things form part of a maintenance service carried out by qualified tradesman.

If you are worried about the air conditioning maintenance costs, don’t worry, our team at Homedeal can help you at very competitive rates, and take in mind that a dysfunctional air conditioning unit can consume a lot of extra electricity, so having your units checked at least once a year will help you save a lot of money.

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